Thumbsignin Partners with Gluu

ThumbSignIn Partners with Gluu to bring FIDO-based Strong Biometric Authentication to IAM platform

Forget encrypted, long, winding, hard-to-remember, and vulnerable passwords. The future is  passwordless and biometrics is leading the way. Your fingerprint or faceID may soon be your key to your bank accounts, social media accounts, mailboxes, devices, and more. It’s simpler and far more secure than passwords. The trend is on an upswing with private and public organizations steadily embracing the change and going passwordless.

At ThumbSignIn, we are excited to partner with Gluu – one of the pioneers of the open-source IAM ecosystem. With this association we bring FIDO-certified strong authentication to the widely used Gluu IAM platform. This helps organizations to easily roll out strong biometric authentication to substantially reduce costs and risks of a data breach. Reduction in reliance on passwords means protection against phishing, man-in-the-middle, and replay attacks.  

With this partnership, ThumbSignIn can be configured as an alternate or additional ‘passwordless’ authentication mechanism – based on biometrics and PKI – for Gluu. Biometric authentication is much simpler to use than traditional password-based authentication, and, in an order of magnitude, more secure. ThumbSignIn uses public key cryptography to securely transfer authentication information over the network. The authentication takes place entirely on users’ mobile devices, and the biometric information is never transmitted on the wire or stored on the server. This approach puts users in control of their credentials and greatly reduces the liability of enterprises.

ThumbSignIn SaaS platform and mobile SDKs are offered free for organizations with up to 1000 users. For a limited time, ThumbSignIn will also provide free premium support to Gluu customers willing to onboard ThumbSignIn to their authentication experience. Gluu customers  can use the free ThumbSignIn mobile app or embed its SDK into their own mobile apps for a simpler and more secure IAM.

ThumbSignIn has been a long-standing member of the industry wide FIDO Alliance. Its FIDO certification across client and server software attests to a high degree of technical robustness, conformance to industry standards, high security assurance, and seamless interoperability with other FIDO-based products. Recently the FIDO standard is adopted as a W3C standard, biometrics-based authentication is about to see a wider adoption.

With ThumbSignIn, Gluu’s customers will find it easier to deliver a new, secure, and smoother experience. The partnership between the two companies now enables:

  • Faster, easier, and stronger third-party app integrations and support
  • Stronger authentication (FIDO-compliant) with biometrics and PKI
  • Simple and seamless user experience

In partnership with ThumbSignIn, Gluu brings you a modern, simple, and strong way to authenticate & Sign in.

About Gluu:

Gluu publishes identity and access management software that companies, universities and government agencies can use to securely identify people and manage what resources they are allowed to access. Using the Gluu suite of identity and access management software, organizations can leverage open web standards and free open source software to offer customers, employees, and partners single sign-on (SSO) and strong authentication.

For details about enabling FIDO certified Strong Authentication using ThumbSignIn with your Gluu deployment visit

Aman Khanna

Co-Founder and VP Products