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Biometric authentication

The future of authentication is biometrics. If you’re ready, we are too.

FIDO Biometrics

Open the mobile app and you’re prompted to authenticate using your fingerprint or facial recognition. That’s it!

Why biometric passwordless authentication

More secure

More than 80% of data breaches are due to weak or stolen passwords. Passwordless biometrics means no credentials to steal. FIDO certification, the de facto standard for strong authentication, ensures public key infrastructure (PKI), elimination of server-side secrets, and on-device-only verification of biometrics so data can’t be intercepted and stolen.

User-friendly & frictionless

Don’t make users type in passwords or passcodes. Instead, easily authenticate by scanning fingerprint or face on a mobile device to authenticate or unlock user credentials.

Mainstream & ubiquitous

Leverage the technology people are already using. More than two-thirds of consumers say they’re comfortable using biometric authentication on their smartphones.


No matter what the future brings, ensure interoperability of your apps and systems with the latest platforms and biometric technologies that people want to use – cost effectively.

Turnkey SaaS

Simply sign up and get started within minutes with our secure and scalable strong authentication hosted service. Scale up and down as needed, with no need to set up your own server.

Easy integration

Our software and services are designed to make your life easier, with everything you need to get your biometric strong authentication solution up and running fast.

UAF server

Robust FIDO-certified server that you can install on-premise or on your private cloud as your policy requires. Containerized for hassle-free deployment. Provides REST APIs for easy integration into your custom apps.

authentication widgets

Plug-and-play FIDO authentication for your web application. Refined responsive UI to provide a seamless experience on desktop web and mobile web browsers. Fully declarative customization of look, feel and text.


Easy-to-integrate drop-in mobile SDKs for iOS and Android apps.

Passwordless authenticator mobile app

No mobile app? No problem. Use the free ThumbSignIn app to provide a biometric login experience.

Biometric UX Lite

As an interim step to going “passwordless,” improve user experience today by implementing ThumbSignIn Biometric UX Lite.

Open the mobile app and you’re prompted to unlock your user credentials using your fingerprint or facial recognition.

Up to 1,000 users free — find the package that’s right for you.