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Authentication for ATMs/kiosks

Improve customer experience, reduce fraud

Kiosks exist to provide fast, 24/7 service. Make secure authentication 24/7 too.

When customers forget their PIN or are worried about someone stealing it, the ATM isn’t so convenient anymore. Fraudulent card skimmer equipment like tiny cameras and card readers are well camouflaged and can be hard to detect.

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Eliminate the need for cards and PINs with QR codes and fingerprint and facial scans on customers’ smartphones

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Reduce risk of card duplication or PIN theft

simple and convenient account login

Make account login easier and more convenient – no more forgotten PINs

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Easily integrate with any ATM software and mobile apps

How it works

Customer uses mobile banking app to scan QR code on ATM/kiosk screen

atm QR code

App prompts user to scan fingerprint or face

atm fingerprint scan

Customer is logged in

atm logged in

ThumbSignIn biometric authentication

The most convenient and secure way to log in — the way your users want