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Authentication for call centers

Streamline calls, reduce operational costs

Call centers should help customers, not criminals. Make customer verification easier and stronger.

Asking customers the name of the street they lived on as a child is not a very secure way of verifying someone’s identity. Not only is this information relatively easy for criminals to figure out and use for account takeover, this process is cumbersome for everyone. Customers forget the answers. Information has to be updated. And customer service agents spend extra time on the phone.

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Phase out know-your-customer (KYC) questions, which cybercriminals can beat

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Improve user experience with a streamlined and more secure customer authentication process

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Save minutes off the call handling time, resulting in real cost savings

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Easily integrate with any call center software and mobile apps

How it works

User calls customer service; agent enters user's customer account number and triggers a notification on user's registered smartphone

agent request verification

User verifies identity with fingerprint or facial scan and is authenticated

customer biometric verification

Agent is granted access to customer account

agent granted access

ThumbSignIn biometric authentication

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