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Authentication for chatbots

Connect securely with customers, improve user experience

Enable secure personalization of chatbot ‘chats’ for experiences customers love.

As chatbots become an increasingly important channel for customer service and interaction, security and user experience are a priority. Customers expect tailored experiences – but asking them to identify themselves with a username and password is disruptive and can make them vulnerable to cyber attacks like phishing.

Implement easy-to-use, passwordless biometric strong authentication to prevent phishing and theft of user credentials

Enable your chatbot secure access to CRM, loyalty programs and more to provide personalized customer experiences

Streamline user authentication using fingerprint or facial biometrics instead of passwords

How it works

User starts chat; when chatbot needs to access user account, a QR code appears

chatbot QR code

User scans QR code and is prompted to scan fingerprint or face

QR and biometric scan

Chatbot can access user account

chatbot logged in

ThumbSignIn biometric authentication

The most convenient and secure way to log in — the way your users want