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Authentication for desktop apps

Provide on-device security, protect endpoints

Don’t secure the house and
leave the front door open for hackers.

User desktops and laptops are the most important endpoints within the enterprise to secure against attacks. Any device that is not adequately protected is a potential entry for cybercriminals into the enterprise network infrastructure.

Enable 360-degree security with on-device protection of desktops and laptops in addition to authentication for enterprise apps

Provide a user-friendly login experience with the simple download of two apps: one for the desktop/laptop and one for mobile phones

Reduce attack surface area exposed to the growing volume and sophistication of phishing attacks

How it works

User logs in and a QR code appears on the screen

QR code screen

User scans QR code with mobile app

QR code scan

App prompts user to scan fingerprint or face

biometric scan screen

User is logged in

logged in screen

ThumbSignIn biometric authentication

The most convenient and secure way to log in — the way your users want