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Authentication for enterprise apps

Simplify SSO, protect enterprise data

Modernize secure single-sign-on for happy employees.

Enterprise apps often store business-critical data and need to be secured with strong authentication. Many of these apps are used multiple times each day and login issues can have a significant impact on user productivity.

Streamline SSO with push or biometric authentication on users’ smart phones

Reduce attack surface area exposed to the growing volume of phishing attacks

Encrypt data sent between enterprise app servers and user’s mobile phone

Integrate with any enterprise app using Open ID Connect (OIDC) and SAML protocols

How it works

User opens enterprise app and QR code appears

enterprise app screen

App prompts user to scan fingerprint or face

biometric scan screen

User is logged in

logged in screen

ThumbSignIn biometric authentication

The most convenient and secure way to log in — the way your users want