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Mobile app authentication

Simplify mobile login and app use

Mobile apps are about convenience.
It’s smart to make user authentication fast and convenient too.

Making your users type complex passwords using tiny keyboards is a sure way to keep them from coming back. The majority of smartphones have fingerprint and facial biometrics — and more users expect you to offer these options for authentication.

Make login seamless and easy with fingerprint scans and facial recognition instead of typing in passwords

Keep users conveniently logged in while protecting personal data

Retain more users and increase app usage

Boost security with local authentication on users’ smartphones — no data is transmitted

How it works

User opens mobile app

open mobile app screen

User securely verifies identity with fingerprint or facial scan

fingerprint scan screen

User is logged in

logged in screen

ThumbSignIn biometric authentication

The most convenient and secure way to log in — the way your users want