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Authentication for workflow approvals

Improve user experience, simplify processes

Keep the cogs turning! Improve productivity with streamlined approvals.

Workflow task approvals are critical authorizations for many organizations that rely on routine checks by one or more users to keep the business flowing. When approval processes are slow, it can cause delays that slow down your business.

workflow approval biometric login

Provide a more secure and user-friendly way for workers to provide proof of identity and approvers to provide approvals

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Leverage biometric technology on users’ smartphones for strong authentication

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Encrypt authentication information sent between enterprise app servers and user’s mobile app

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Integrate with any enterprise app using Open ID Connect (OIDC) and SAML protocols

How it works

Worker sends requests for manager approval; manager receives email with link to approve

worker sends request screen

Manager clicks a link and a QR code appears on the screen

manager receives link

Manager scans QR code; verifies with fingerprint or face scan

manager scans fingerprint

Manager logged in to approve tasks

manager approval screen

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