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Any channel, any device – we’ve got you covered. Choose from our suite of user-friendly authentication solutions, from 2FA to passwordless biometrics, to find the right authentication for your business and users.

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2019 State of Customer Authentication Survey Report released

Find out how top industry professionals are using/planning to use strong authentication technologies.

Lighten up login

Making login a better experience is a win-win for everyone. Users are happier and more productive. Businesses improve their bottom line by streamlining access to services and apps while also improving security.

One-stop strong authentication shop

We’re the only authentication partner you’ll ever need.

Start with 2FA and progress to more advanced technology like biometrics-based authentication to continue improving user experience and security over time. Our SaaS-based authentication service, REST APIs , mobile SDKs and UI widgets deliver a powerful combination of software components that can be used to build omni-channel authentication experiences that span mobile, web, phone, IoT, chatbots, kiosks, physical access and more.

Authentication solutions for every use case

No matter your business challenge, we have an authentication solution for it.

Web apps

Boost security of user credentials for login to any web app by layering on 2FA for a safer but still seamless authentication experience.

Mobile apps

Increase app usage and engagement with fast, convenient biometrics already on users’ phones — including keeping users logged in while protecting personal data.


Streamline single-sign-on (SSO) and strengthen security by leveraging biometrics on mobile phones to authenticate user access to web and desktop apps.

Kiosk or ATM

Simplify the customer experience at kiosks or ATMs by providing a more secure biometric alternative to theft-prone PINs and ATM cards.

Why ThumbSignIn

The most authentication options to work with your current situation – we meet you where you are

Seamless omnichannel authentication and privileged access across channels and devices

Secure PKI-based infrastructure to protect against phishing, man-in-the-middle and replay attacks

Future-proofed authentication provides the most current security protocols and easy-to-upgrade platform

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This is the future of authentication, according to security experts

As we’ve increasingly adopted a wide range of personal gadgets and online services, passwords have become a pain to manage, and a point of vulnerability.

Aman Khanna, ThumbSignIn’s VP of Products, describes how the industry is likely to move to multi-mode biometrics which is hundreds of times more reliable than using a single factor.
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The future of biometric authentication lies beyond mobile apps

Once the domain of high government officials or James Bond Flicks, biometric identification is now commonplace to most anyone who owns a recent smartphone.

Vivek Lakshman, ThumbSignIn’s VP of Innovation, explains that biometrics can go beyond mobile apps to new frontiers including IoT devices, kiosks, atms and more.
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Why Is the US Losing the AI Race?

Why is the US, once an assumed leader in artificial intelligence, losing its foothold on the technology? And how can it get its position back?

Aman Khanna, ThumbSignIn’s VP of Products, shares insight into how hackers are using AI to generate phishing attacks and how the US can defend itself.
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We have an authentication solution just for you

Let us help you modernize your approach to login with our flexible suite of solutions that make authentication more convenient and secure.