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Stronger Security . Easy Integration . Standards Compliance

ThumbSignIn is the easiest way to integrate strong authentication technologies that use biometric and PKI to make your system more secure, easier to use and provide a compelling return on your investment .

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Seriously Strong Security

Prevent Scalable Attacks

Anti Phishing
Anti Databreach
User Secret Protection
MITM Proof
Replay Attack Proof
Anti Key Logging


Upgrade to Strong Authentication This Afternoon

Hosted strong
Authentication Server

Sign up and configure

10 minutes
Strong Authentication
Widgets for your Website

Protect your website

1 hour
Strong Authentication
SDKs for your Mobile Apps

Protect your iOS and android apps

2 hours
Strong Authentication
App for your Windows PC

Protect your desktops and laptops

5 minutes
Plug and Play Integration
with Active Directory

Integrate with active directory

15 minutes

Simpler User Experience

Reduces reliance on complex
passwords: no more password policies
Single gesture to log on: no more
manual typing
Works with smartphones your users
use every day
Use the same authentication with
different services
Fast and convenient: no need to
remember passwords

Better Security

Architecture based on public key cryptography
Security key and fingerprint
information never leave the mobile device
No server-side shared secrets to be stolen
Protects against phishing, man-in-the-
middle and replay attacks
Zero link-ability between services or

Lower costs

Lower development and maintenance
Zero or minimal provisioning costs
Lower breach risks and potential
Reduced productivity loss due to
employee lockouts
Substantially lower password reset costs

The Cloud-Based MFA Authentication

with Secure Single Sign-On

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